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Interactive Stories

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Have a look at our interactive digital stories which are designed to create maximum impact on  smartphones, tablets and computer screens.



The Sufi Brotherhoods of Senegal

In Senegal, the Sufi brotherhoods and their religious leaders portray themselves as guardians of peace, tolerance and social cohesion. The country is seen as an anchor of stability in a  region of the world which is troubled by Islamists. However the peace and stability that the Sufi brotherhoods offer to the Senegalese come at a price.


Guardians of the Mangrove Forests

In West Africa, entire coastal strips are disappearing as sea levels rise. Here, climate change is hitting the poorest with particular force. HEKS and the local partner organization APIL are supporting villagers in the Siné Saloum Delta in reforesting mangrove forests, because mangroves are conserving the coasts and they are mitigating climate change.

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Camels Against Climate Change

In the very dry areas of northern Kenya, people are increasingly suffering from the consequences of climate change. In Isiolo County, Biovision has therefore been supporting a project of Vétérinaieres sans Frontières (VSF) for the introduction of camels and the marketing of camel milk since 2010. The camel population in the region now has increased significantly.


Foundation Report 2019

The Swiss Re Foundation partners with the community health NGO Living Goods to bring basic healthcare to remote places, like the village in Kenya pictured here. Equipped with smart technology and training, community health workers help fill gaps in “last mile” healthcare delivery by providing education, diagnosis, treatment and referrals right where people live.

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