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Multimedia videos

Anker 1

Watch some examples of our multimedia videos, where we bring photography, video and sound together in order to be highly efficient with production budgets.



The Prostitutes and the Priest

Faced with no other option, young women in Namibia turn to sex work in order to survive. In this short film, they talk about their tireless advocate: a German priest who broke ranks with his institution to do what he felt was right. This multimedia video was produced with photos and videos that were taken over a period of 10 years.


Multimedia TV Commercials

These Multimdeia TV spots were produced from photos, which were in the one hand taken especially for these commercials, and on the other hand also for the magazine, the website, flyers and other advertising material of HEKS, so that the material could be used for all communication media of the aid organization.

DSCF7103capture one.JPG


Teaser Trailer Sufi Brotherhoods

This teaser trailer was edited from photo and video footage of a photo reportage in order to promote the digital edit of the story, which was created in collaboration with journalist Angela Köckritz and was originally commissioned by the German magazine GEO. 


Teaser Trailer Gris-Gris Wrestlers

This teaser trailer was edited from photo and video footage of the photo reportage "The Gris-Gris Wrestlers of Senegal". The photo story, that was created in collaboration with the Swiss national TV and first published by the German magazine STERN. The photos of the publication have won a second prize at the World Press Photo Award in 2016.

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