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nar8tive combines the following 8 disciplines and skills in order to craft beautifully produced and edited content for digital stories, websites and integrated media campaigns.

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creative direction 
We bring years of experience in art and creative direction, having worked for some of the most renowned outlets in the creative industry in Switzerland and Germany.
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concept & consulting
We research and write concepts and exposés before we start implementing a story, so that everyone involved has the same idea of what we want to tell the audience and what media are best suited to publish our digital stories.
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photography & reportage
We have created award-winning photostories for magazins and newspapers such as GEO, Stern, die Zeit or NZZ. Our work was published online by the Guardian, National Geographic and many more.
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video & moving images
We produce video interviews, clips as well as short films, shooting video and photo footage simultaneously to reduce production time and manpower as well as logistical expenses.
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picture & video editing
We carefully edit photo and video material to make our stories attractive and compelling for any audience not only visually, but also in terms of content and storytelling.
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graphic design & layout
We are skilled in layout and graphic design, which is important to structure narratives and stories in order to create an eye-catching user experience in online publications.
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We work with award-winnnig journalists and copywriters to forge outstanding articles, videos and podcasts. We also work with professional voice over actors, sound studios and composers.
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online publishing
We create interactive digital stories with photo, video, animations, text and other digital content that can be integrated into websites or social media channels.
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