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 multimedia storytelling
nar8tive combines 8 disciplines and skills to create compelling digital stories for websites and social media channels.
nar8tive is a network of freelance talents who work in small teams and with light equipment to make our work as cost-efficient as possible.
nar8tive produces eye-catching digital stories for non-profits, foundations, companies and brands, delivering photography, video, text and web publishing out of one hand.

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Award winning work

The Prostitutes and

the Priest


The Gris-Gris

Wrestlers of Senegal

A teaser trailer for a photo story about wrestling in Senegal.

Voodoo and mystic rituals play a major role in the sport of the West African country.

The story won at the World Press Photo Award 2016 and many other prizes.


The Sufi Brotherhoods
of Senegal

A digital story

edit of a photostory about the mystic

Sufi brotherhoods that understand Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance.


The story was awarded at the POYi in 2020, the

oldest photojournalism 

award  in the US.